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Mr. Aretos

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     We are Consultants and Professional Market Navigators, helping investors & real estate professionals identify and evaluate the right real estate investment opportunities. With presence since 1997 in Las Vegas, and a network of locals of over 20,000 we bring the most resource to every project. Speciliaizing in everything from acquisitions and sales to building, development, remodel, design to professional negotiation expertise and more, there's almost nothing we can't do. We have a spectacular reputation in town, and are well respected and well liked. We are the most resourceful group in town. Every relationship comes from experience.

     Through the course of the years, Mr. Aretos has built an impressive network of investors and professionals in and around the real estate business and tangential industries. He started The InvestDuel Acquisitions and Sales Group with Nationwide Realty, and now has members of The InvestDuel Affiliate Network in 18 states, and 6 countries, providing real estate services for acquisitions and sales of traditional residential, commercial and industrial properties. Through his enormous network and resources, he is able to achieve results that others simply cannot, and to find and make deals happen that others simply do not have ability or access to.

     As a result of his network of resources, the real estate investment consultants at the InvestDuel have constant exposure to many different types of investment opportunities, mostly revolving around or involving real estate assets either directly or indirectly.

Providing Real Estate Investment Consulting and Personal & Business Consulting Services for InvestDuel Clients, The REIG powered by InvestDuel.com®  continues to make a name for itself as the premiere confidential Real Estate Investment Consultants & Advisors through referrals among family offices, celebrities, athletes, financial advisors for High Net Worth Individuals and Groups, and high profile business people. Gio, along with his talented team, are the choice for many who demand anonymity and confidentiality in transactions.

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